Are essential oils safe to use?

Used for thousands of years, essential oils are completely safe to use and apply. However, consult a doctor before administering to children under the age of 18, or if you suffer from any rare skin diseases.

Is there such thing as too much essential oil?

Like everything, essential oils are best used in moderation for ultimate skincare results. Over-application can contribute to irritated skin conditions.

An excellent strategy to continually reap the benefits of essential oils for skin care is to rotate your go-to essential oil skin care blend every four or five weeks. This allows your body the opportunity to benefit from a variety of nourishment year-round.

Which oil is right for me?

For a smooth and uplifting serum with tranquilizing health benefits and all the anti-microbial and skin-renewing benefits of tea-tree and lavender, check out our Simple Skin Serum. For advanced results, our Fortifying Serum includes a carefully selected full-spectrum blend of the most potent essential oil with the highest clinically proven skin protecting and anti-aging properties. To see our full line-up of products and view ingredient profiles visit our products page. If you are eager to learn more about the powerfully enriching properties of nutrient-dense essential oils, check out our crash course, essential oils 101.

Do essential oils really smoothen wrinkles and fine lines?

Through natural collagen production, essential oils are your own personal plastic surgeons that kick-start your body’s ability to repair damaged and dead skin cells.

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Information provided is for reference purposes and is not intended to diagnose, heal, treat, or prevent any skin disease or health conditions. Always seek professional medical advice or other qualified health provider concerning a medical condition.

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